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The Last Roof You’ll Ever Need™

As a GAF® Roofing Contractor™ we are one of the 2-3% of roofers in the Houston area certified to offer exclusive/extended warranties on new roofing systems.  We offer the Systems Plus™ Warranty, Silver Pledge, and Golden Pledge extended warranties.  The added cost brings with it manufacturer backed protection to add both monetary value and  more importantly, peace of mind.

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Extend your Warranty Further with the Golden Pledge™ Warranty

For those who plan on living in the same home for more than 10 years we suggest this bolstered warranty to cover our workmanship for 25 years. We fully believe in our ability to install a roof that lasts longer than 25 years but there are always unknowns like faulty fasteners or improper ventilation that can cause problems. The Golden Pledge Warranty means that a GAF inspector will come inspect your new roof and sign off on it’s well being to make sure it is at or above the material necessities and that the installation was done based off the “textbook” requirements.


Why GAF?

Here’s a little about America’s #1 roofing system manufacturer:

  • Number one in production numbers

  • Number one in R&D

  • Backed by Good Housekeeping® year after year

  • Awards from multiple consumer groups

  • More roofing system components created than any other manufacturer

  • More designer series than other manufacturers

  • Produce top tier commercial roofing products

  • Produce genuine slate roofing systems

  • Sell the nation’s number one selling asphalt/comp shingle, Timberline HD™

  • Roofer certification requires ongoing communication, education, and client satisfaction

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